Les Rencontres d'Arles

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Les Rencontres d'Arles

At its headquarters and the state-of-the-art printing studio in Tokyo, amanasalto manages the entire production processes for its publishing projects, including planning, manufacturing, and distribution of limited edition prints, portfolios, and premium photo books. The editorial and technical teams work in close collaboration with internationally renowned photographic artists and archives.

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Our strength lies in a combination of editorial rigour, mastery of traditional printing methods, and continuous development of new printing techniques and production systems. IMA has become well regarded for its profiles of photographers around the world who push the art form in new and exciting directions, as well as features on notable trends in the field of art photography.

Rencontres de la photographie d'Arles

For us, it is also an obvious pairing. In our country, this art is as varied as the cultures that make up Switzerland, a combination of pride in our origins and openness to the world.

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And all the publishers who reflect this diversity. By becoming a special partner of COSMOS Arles Books, which celebrates these publishers, we participate fully in an ambitious project, at the intersection of all forms of photography.

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As a space to gather, to eat a littleto discuss a lotand above all to get to know each other, the Nonante-Neuf will be a lively photography library. More than a showcase for Switzerland, this space will be a platform for exchange and discovery.

Thomas Mailaender – Arles 2021

The meeting point between the Swiss spirit and the enthusiasm of Arles. As a creator of outdoor furniture, Tectona rencontres arles book award new life into the brand by giving designers the mission of renewing its range. Design is the sign of a vital, dynamic brand that dares to innovate and challenge itself.

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Design brings forth creative solutions and looks to the future of the brand by analysing our habits and needs. Rencontres arles book award to the combination of elegance and quality in materials and treatments, Tectona has established itself over nearly forty years as the benchmark for fine outdoor furniture. Forms of classic simplicity, materials chosen for their beauty and ability to defy the years, faultless quality produced by skilled craftsmanship allied with cutting-edge technology: all these contribute to the timeless style of Tectona.

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Bespeaking luxury without ostentation, Tectona furniture is not for the moment, but for the long run.