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Les rencontres imaginaires

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This one reflects his body, his face. Virtual hands and faces are trying to touch him, to catch him. These hands and faces have lots of various behaviors and question relationships to the other.

The les rencontres imaginaires and faces feel the presence and move along the face of the viewer.

Celui-ci reflète son corps, son visage. Les mains et les visages perçoivent la présence et se déplacent le long du visage du spectateur. Lorsque ce dernier sort du cadre, les mains et les visages disparaissent. Ils réapparaîtront avec des comportements différents lorsqu'une nouvelle personne se présentera. Dans cette création, nous suscitons réactions et gestes chez les spectateurs en réponse à des contacts virtuels.

When he goes away, the hands and faces disappear. They will reappear with other behaviors when a new person will come.

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In this artwork, we provocate reactions and gestures from the spectators in response to virtual contacts. The audience plays with the hands which scrap the ear, caress the hair, touch the tip of the lips etc.

The contact is virtual but gives strange real feelings for the viewer. It can be amused, annoyed, or expressed some pleasure. The virtual hands and faces appear in black and white superimposed with the image of the viewer.

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This device gives the illusion of a ghostly troubling reality. We use digital technologies but give to see an image that remind the first tricks of cinema begining such as the illusion technique used by Georges Méliès Rencontres imaginaires 4 Several behaviors In this version of the artwork, hands, faces, objects come from movie made before with persons from the audience.

Rencontres de l'Imaginaire

It generates several stagings and behaviors. Rencontres imaginaires 3 hands and faces This version of the artwork mixes the version les rencontres imaginaires and 2; Hands or faces appear randomly, thus multiplying the choice of interactions and possible encounters.

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Rencontres imaginaires 2 The kisses of the artists In this version of the artwork, Two faces come closer to the viewer on both sides. These faces are ours: Gregory or Anaïs. We virtually embrace spectators.

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Our faces can have hundreds of different virtual behaviors: shy, seductive, tender, disgusted, angry etc. They provoke many reactions from the spectator.


Rencontres imaginaires 1 In this first version, only hands appear. The interactive device: A camera is hidden next to the screen. The camera films the spectator and transmits the image to a computer.

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The image is analyzed and processed in real time by a software that manages the choice and the displacement of hundreds of pre-recorded filmed hands. Rencontres imaginaires 4.

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