Belle femme cherche un musulman en France pour mariage

Femme française cherche homme pour mariage

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Habite à Berlin KöpenickBerlin Recherche un homme: Amour I am kind, caring, honest, site de rencontre converti musulman working,self determine and down to earth person who really wants to share her feeling with a special person Certifié Habite à Kazan, Recherche un homme: Amour Je suis une femme mûre, je prends la vie au sérieux, j'ai appris à reconnaître les gens par la communication et le comportement.

Comme beaucoup, j'ai fait des erreurs pour lesquelles j'ai dû payer le prix fort, mais j'ai aussi fait beaucoup de bonnes choses et gratuitement.

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Je me considère comme I believe in giving to the community and helping femme française cherche homme pour mariage. However, my family and friends would describe me as spunky, energetic, tgoing and very, very sweet.

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I am not too sure about the spunky part… But they are family and Habite à Odesa, Recherche un homme: Amour I am normal woman and i am search real love. I am want believe in good man,i want be happy. I am speak only with real normla mans who want creat something serious. Are you looking the same?

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If yes you can write me. I try to find normal man for life.

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Also i have daughter,mans ho dont afraid this can contact ith me. I am looking only serious relations. Certifié Habite à Kharkiv, Recherche un homme: Amour, Amitié I saw to much in this life to waste my time, life is too short to spend it useless.

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I want to have second half who will be with me in good and bad times and will not run with the first common trouble. Habite à Tver, Recherche un homme: Amour, Amitié, Discussions My interests are travelling, meeting with my friends, having rest in the countryside. I like to play the theater games. I love the sea and the mountains. I like to dance.

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I like fantasy movies, I'm a music lover. I love to do household chores and help people.

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Be sure Yes, i love myself, because if do not love myself, who will want to love me? And if to be honest, i am very tender, carrying woman I am ready to give love, without hesitation.

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But i want to get the same from a man near me.